Articles under the category Tolerance:

James M. Arlandson: Should the West Tolerate Islam?

Mehmet Ali Birand: The shame of Sept. 6-7 is always with us

Andrew G. Bostom: Badging Infidels in Iran

Andrew G. Bostom: Turkey: Back to the Future?

Andrew G. Bostom: Ottoman Dhimmitude

Andrew G. Bostom: Turkey: From Failed Reforms to a Modern Jihad Genocide

Daniel Greenfield: Islam’s Religious War with Everyone

Nezir Hyseni: Tolerance and the Qur’an. Understanding the Unavoidable Islam

Raymond Ibrahim: The Logic of Islamic Intolerance

William Kilpatrick: The Silence of the Lambs

Vladimir Moss: Islamic Terrorism and Western Ecumenism

M. Rafiqul-Haqq: Tolerance in Islam

Samuel Shahid: Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State

Ali Sina: The Contradictory teachings of the Quran

Bob Smith: Islam is Fear

David Wood: Murdered by Muhammad. The Brutal Deaths of Islam’s Earliest Enemies

Bat Yeor: Conceded Toleration Must Give Way to the Acceptance of Equality

Bat Yeor: Contemporary Arab and Muslim Perceptions of the Other

Good books under the category Tolerance:
Dario Fernandez-Morera:
The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain
Giles Milton:
Paradise Lost
Smyrna 1922: The Destruction of Islam's City of Tolerance
Robert Spencer (ed.):
The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
How Islamic Law Treats Non-Muslims
Samuel Marinus Zwemer:
The Law of Apostasy in Islam
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