Articles under the category Theology:

Mark Durie: ‘Isa, the Muslim Jesus

Mark Durie: The Abrahamic Fallacy

Stephen M. Kirby: Do We All Believe in the Same God?

Nabeel Qureshi: Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Robert R. Reilly: Islamism: "Spiritual Pathology Based on Deformed Theology." Interview with Robert R. Reilly (by Anita Crane)

James V. Schall, S.J.: On “Whose God Is God?”

Sam Shamoun: Allah & Mo., Inc.

Ralph H. Sidway: The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 1). Why the wrong answer is killing the West, including America

Ralph H. Sidway: The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 2). Allah’s Theological Jihad against Christianity

Ralph H. Sidway: The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 3). ‘By their fruits you shall know them…’

Ralph H. Sidway: The Same God Question (Part 4). Eschatology and the End of Days

Robert Spencer: No, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God

Good books under the category Theology:
Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini:
Al-Imam al-Mahdi
The Just Leader of Humanity
Jens Christensen:
Islam og kristendom
Mark Durie:
Which God?
Jesus, Holy Spirit, God in Christianity and Islam
Mateen Elass:
Understanding the Koran
A Quick Christian Guide to the Muslim Holy Book
Ignaz Goldziher:
Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law
Ibn Warraq:
The Islam in Islamic Terrorism
The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology
Duncan B. MacDonald:
Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory
Sayyid Qutb:
Islam and Universal Peace
Aliah Schleifer:
Mary the Blessed Virgin of Islam
Sam Solomon:
Not the Same God
Is the Qur'anic Allah the Lord God of the Bible
Ahmad Von Denffer:
Ulum al-Qur'an
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