Articles under the category The Muslim Mind:

Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri: “The majority of us Muslims hate the Christians”

Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini: The Difficulties of Dialogue with Islam

Sujit Das: Islam Dismantled - The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad

Mateen Elass: Islam’s Inferiority Complex

Bosch Fawstin: Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West

Fjordman: Chinese Culture and the Uniqueness of Islamic Jihad

FrontPageMag: Fighting the Cultural Marxists

Mirza Ghalib: Enlightening My Father about the Real Islam and the Fatal Consequence

Jamie Glazov: Boys of the Taliban

Jamie Glazov: Vampires of Jihad

Danusha V. Goska: Inside Jihad

Daniel Greenfield: Islam’s Groundhog Day

Daniel Greenfield: Syria Is What Happens When Islam Wins

Henry Hopwood-Phillips: Mission Impossible? An Interview with Tom Holland

Ibn Warraq: Islam, Middle East and Fascism

Raymond Ibrahim: Jihad and Criminality: Inseparable Bedfellows

Raymond Ibrahim: How the Islamist Mindset Rationalizes – and Promotes – ‘Sex Sins’

Jon MC: The Pact of Umar

William Kilpatrick: Are We Losing the Apologetics War with Islam?

William Kilpatrick: Expert: Islam demands subjugation of Christians. Interview with William Kilpatrick (by Anita Crane)

William Kilpatrick: Good Islam vs. Bad Islam

William Kilpatrick: The Sri Lanka Terrorists: Martyrs or Murderers?

Derya Little: Creation of Man in Islam and Christianity

Fr. C. John McCloskey: Islam’s Demotion of Reason. Father C. John McCloskey recommends Robert Reilly’s The Closing of the Muslim Mind

Mordechai Nisan: The Challenge of Islam

Robert R. Reilly: Islamism: "Spiritual Pathology Based on Deformed Theology." Interview with Robert R. Reilly (by Anita Crane)

Robert R. Reilly: The Islamist Spring and the West’s Decline. An interview with Robert R. Reilly (by Alvino-Mario Fantini)

Robert R. Reilly: Why can't Islam apologize?

Philip Carl Salzman: Muhammad’s Tribe

Ali Sina: On Muslims in Europe. An Interview with Ali Sina (by Jarek N.)

Ali Sina: The examples of Muhammad

Joshua Sinai: How The Jihadist Psychopath Fools the West

Robert Spencer: Would You Strangle A Cop For Giving Your Wife a Ticket?

Bruce Thornton: It’s Not Just Islam, It’s the Tribal Mentality

Good books under the category The Muslim Mind:
Ahmed Akkari:
Min afsked med islamismen
Muhammedkrisen, dobbeltspillet og kampen mod Danmark
Howard Bloom:
The Mohammed Code
Brother Rashid:
The Ideology Behind Islamic Terrorism
Rebecca Bynum:
Allah is Dead
Why Islam is Not a Religion
Jens Christensen:
Islam og kristendom
Sujit Das:
Islam Dismantled
The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad
Mark A. Gabriel:
Islam and Terrorism
Mark A. Gabriel:
Culture Clash
Islam's War on the West
Jamie Glazov:
Jihadist Psychopath
How He is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us
Dr. Tawfik Hamid:
Inside Jihad
How Radical Islam Works
Why It Should Terrify Us
How to Defeat It
(Updated Edition)
Eric Hoffer:
The True Believer
Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements
Ed Husain:
The Islamist
Why I joined radical Islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left
Robert Irwin:
The Arabian Nightmare
A Novel
Martin Krasnik:
De retfærdige
En islamisk stafet
Laurent Murawiec:
The Mind of Jihad
Raphael Patai:
The Arab Mind
revised edition
Daniel Pipes:
The Hidden Hand
Middle East Fears of Conspiracy
David Pryce-Jones:
The Closed Circle
An Interpretation of the Arabs
Nabeel Qureshi:
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
Robert R. Reilly:
The Closing of the Muslim Mind
How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis
Kamal Saleem:
The Blood of Lambs
A Former Terrorist's Memoir of Death and Redemption
Philip Carl Salzman:
Culture and Conflict in the Middle East
André Servier:
Islam and the Psychology of the Muslim
An Adapted Reprint - Edited by Bill Warner
Walid Shoebat:
Why We Want to Kill You
The Jihadist Mindset and How to Defeat it
Ali Sina:
Understanding Muhammad
A Psychobiography
Wafa Sultan:
A God Who Hates
The Courageous Woman who Inflamed the Musim World Speaks Out against the Evils of Islam
Ram Swarup:
Understanding the Hadith
The Sacred Traditions of Islam
Amir Taheri:
Holy Terror
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