Articles under the category Middle East:

Bruce Bawer: A Dose Of Reality in Riyadh

Tony Blair: Why the Middle East Matters (The Bloomberg Speech)

Timothy R. Furnish: "Western Forces On the Eve of Destruction" ... according to "Dabiq", the new magazine of The Islamic State

Daniel Greenfield: Islam’s Groundhog Day

Boris Havel: Jerusalem in Early Islamic Tradition

Raymond Ibrahim: How Islam Erased Christianity from History

Raymond Ibrahim: Islam’s Erasure of the Mideast’s Judaic and Christian Heritage

Matthias Küntzel: Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East

Adi Schwartz: A Tragedy Shrouded in Silence. The Destruction of the Arab World's Jewry

Robert Spencer: Trump Moves U.S. Towards a Realistic Approach to Jihad Threat

Robert Spencer: “What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe”

Brian Thomas: Trump switched “Islamist terror” to “Islamic terror”

Bruce Thornton: The Truth About Western 'Colonialism'

Donald Trump: Speech in Riyadh, 2017

Ian Tuttle: The Islamic State’s Utopian Vision

Good books under the category Middle East:
John Roy Carlson:
Cairo to Damascus
Nonie Darwish:
The Devil We Don't Know
The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East
Adrian Fortescue:
The Lesser Eastern Churches
Manfred Halpern:
The Politics of Social Change in the Middle East and Africa
Philip Jenkins:
The Lost History of Christianity
The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - and How It Died
Bernard Lewis:
Race and Slavery in the Middle East
An Historical Inquiry
Bernard Lewis:
Islam in History
Ideas, People, and Events in the Middle East
Daniel Pipes:
The Hidden Hand
Middle East Fears of Conspiracy
David Pryce-Jones:
The Closed Circle
An Interpretation of the Arabs
Berry Rubin:
Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East
A Documentary Reader
Barry Rubin:
Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East
Philip Carl Salzman:
Culture and Conflict in the Middle East
Norman S. Stillman:
Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times
Klaus Wivel:
Den sidste nadver
En rejse blandt de efterladte kristne i den arabiske verden is established by a Danish private person. He is a Christian and calls himself Bombadillo. The purpose is to bring objective information about Islam. The hope is to contribute to the demolition of Islam in Denmark and elsewhere. In this truth is a good means.
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