Articles under the category History of Islam:

Andrew G. Bostom: Ibrahim’s Historical Reconquista. New Book Reveals Christendom’s 1400-Year Struggle Against Jihad

Ibrahim al-Buleihi: Western Civilization Has Liberated Mankind. Interview with Ibrahim al-Buleihi

Jonathan David Carson: The not-so-golden age of Islamic philosophy

Catholic Scholar: Is Islam Genuine?

Patricia Crone: Among the Believers. A new look at the origins of Islam describes a tolerant world that may not have existed

Sujit Das: Ancient Qur’anic Manuscripts of Sana’a and Divine Downfall

Gregory M. Davis: Islam 101

Mark Durie: Ishmael is not the Father of the Arabs

Darío Fernandez-Morera: The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

Dario Fernandez-Morera: When the Spirits Collided. Islam and Christianity in the Course of Western Civilization

Fjordman: Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1

Fjordman: Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 2

Fjordman: Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 3

Fjordman: The Truth About "Islamic Science"

Fjordman: To President Obama. Regarding Islam and Science

Fjordman: Unmasking Muhammad’s Dubious Existence

Fjordman: Why Christians Accepted Greek Natural Philosophy, But Muslims Did Not

Neil Godfrey: Did Muhammad Exist? A revisionist look at Islam’s Origins

Danusha V. Goska: The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS. Robert Spencer's new must-read book

Samuel Green: A Survey of how Muhammad Spread Islam

Boris Havel: Jerusalem in Early Islamic Tradition

Henry Hopwood-Phillips: Mission Impossible? An Interview with Tom Holland

Henry Hopwood-Phillips: Pious Forgery: How Islam Remade Its Origins in Its Own Image

Raymond Ibrahim: How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense

Raymond Ibrahim: The Battle of Antioch: “Here the Name Christian Was Born”

Raymond Ibrahim: The Battle of Hattin

Raymond Ibrahim: The Battle of Yarmuk. History’s Most Consequential Muslim/Western Clash

Raymond Ibrahim: The Siege of Byzantium. In 717–18, Western civilization was hanging by a thread

Raymond Ibrahim: The Siege of Vienna, 1683

Raymond Ihrig: When and Why the West Began to ‘Demonize’ Muhammad

William Kilpatrick: Islam’s Thousand Year War on Christendom

Emmet Scott: Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited: The Epilogue

Emmet Scott: The African Slave Trade: The Islamic Connection

Emmet Scott: The Fate of the Roman Cities of the Near East and North Africa

Emmet Scott: The Islamic Trade in European Slaves

Emmet Scott: The Sunni-Shia Divide and Islam’s Puzzling Origins

Emmet Scott: Were the Arab Conquests a Myth?

Ali Sina: Aisha, the Child Wife of Muhammad

Robert Spencer: Archeologists discover early Islamic coins featuring an image of a menorah

Robert Spencer: Explosive book shows that all is not what it seems to be in Islam's origins

Robert Spencer: Islam, History and Faith. Judaism and Christianity have undergone intensive historical examination. Why not Islam?

Paul Stenhouse: The Crusades in Context

Paul Stenhouse: The "Golden Age" of Harun al-Rashid

Abul Taher: Querying the Koran

Serge Trifkovic: The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth

Bill Warner: The Annihilation of Civilizations

Bill Warner: The Jihad That Lead to the Crusades – Timeline

David Wood: A Bewitched Prophet? Examining Muhammad’s Psychological and Spiritual Stability

David Wood: Don’t Lose Your Head! Four Reasons for the Early Spread of Islam

David Wood: Islam Beheaded. The Information Superhighway and the Death of Mohammedanism

Bat Yeor: Eastern Christians Torn Asunder. Challenges — new and old

Good books under the category History of Islam:
A. I. Akram:
Khalid bin Al-Waleed: Sword of Allah
A biographical study of the greatest military general in history
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. VI
Muhammad at Mecca
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. VII
The Foundation of the Community
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. VIII
The Victory of Islam
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. IX
The Last Years of the Prophet
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. XII
The Battle of al-Qadisiyyah and the Conquest of Syria and Palestine
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. X
The Conquest of Arabia
Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari:
The History of al-Tabari, vol. XI
The Challenge to the Empires
Muhammad b. Umar al-Waqidi:
Kitab al-Maghazi
The Life of Muhammad
Translated by Rizwi Faizer, Amal Ismail and AbdulKadar Tayob
Dr. Rafat Amari:
Islam: In light of History
Arab Faqih:
Futuh al-Habasa
The Conquest of Abyssinia [16th Century]

Translated by Poul Lester Stenhouse - Annotiations by Richard Pankhurst
Markus Aurelius:
Bleeding for Allah
Why Islam will Conquer the Free World
What Americans Need to Know
Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor
Hilaire Belloc:
The Great Heresies
Kåre Bluitgen:
KORANEN og profeten Muhammeds liv
Fortælling efter islams ældste kilder
Frants Buhl:
Muhammeds Liv
Tredje reviderede udgave ved Finn O. Hvidbjerg-Hansen
Alfred J. Butler:
The Arab Conquest of Egypt and the Last Years of the Roman Dominion
Patricia Crone:
God's Caliph
Religious authority in the first centuries of Islam
Patricia Crone:
God's Rule: Government and Islam
Six Centuries of Medieval Islamic Political Thought
Roger Crowley:
Empires of the Sea
The Final Battle for the Mediterranean
Ali Dashti:
23 Years
A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad
Reinhart Dozy:
Spanish Islam
A History of the Muslims in Spain
Taqi-Ed-Din El-Maqrizi:
A Short History Of The Copts And Of Their Church (1873)
(Translated by S. C. Malan)
Reuven Firestone:
The Origin of Holy War in Islam
Peter Frankopan:
The First Crusade
The Call from the East
Murray Gordon:
Slavery in the Arab World
Oleg Grabar:
The Dome of the Rock
Muhammad Hamidullah:
The Battlefields of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
A Contribution to Muslim Military History
Mervyn Hiskett:
The Sword of Truth
The Life and Times of the Shehu Usuman dan Fodio
Tom Holland:
In the Shadow of the Sword
The Battle for Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World
Pervez Hoodbhoy:
Islam and Science
Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality
Robert G. Hoyland:
Seeing Islam as Others saw it
A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam
Robert G. Hoyland:
Arabia and the Arabs
From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam
Robert G. Hoyland:
In God's Path
The Arab Conquests and the Creation of an Islamic Empire
Toby E. Huff:
The Rise of Early Modern Science
Islam, China and the West
Ibn Battutah:
The Travels of Ibn Battutah
Abridged, introduced and annotated by
Tim Mackintosh-Smith
Ibn Ishaq:
The Life of Muhammad
A Translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah by A. Guillaume
Ibn Ishaq:
Muhammeds liv
På dansk ved Henrik Ræder Clausen
Ibn Katheer:
In Defence of the True Faith
Taken from
Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah
Ibn Khaldun:
The Muqaddimah
An Introduction to History
Ibn Sa'd:
Kitab Al-tabaqat Al-kabir, vol. 1
Ibn Sa'd:
Kitab Al-tabaqat Al-kabir, vol. 2
Ibn Warraq:
The Quest for the Historical Muhammad
Edited and Translated by Ibn Warraq
Ibn Warraq:
The Islam in Islamic Terrorism
The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology
Raymond Ibrahim:
The Battle of Yarmuk
An Assessment of the Immediate Factors behind the Islamic Conquests
Raymond Ibrahim:
Sword and Scimitar
Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West
Philip Jenkins:
The Lost History of Christianity
The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - and How It Died
Efraim Karsh:
Islamic Imperialism
A History
Stephen M. Kirby:
Islam's Militant Prophet
Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam
K. S. Lal:
Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India
K. S. Lal:
The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India
Bernard Lewis:
What Went Wrong
Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
Bernard Lewis:
The Middle East
2000 Years of History from the Rise of Christianity to the Present Day
Bernard Lewis:
The Assassins
A Radical Sect in Islam
Bernard Lewis:
Islam in History
Ideas, People, and Events in the Middle East
David Samuel Margoliouth:
Mohammed and the Rise of Islam
Richard C. Martin:
Defenders of Reason in Islam
Mu'tazilism from Medieval School to Modern Symbol
William Muir:
The Life of Mohammad
From Original Sources
Yehuda D. Nevo:
Crossroads to Islam
The Origins of the Arab Religion and the Arab State
De Lacy O'Leary:
How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs
Karl-Heinz Ohlig:
The Hidden Origins of Islam
New Research Into Its Early History
Karl-Heinz Ohling (ed.):
Early Islam
A Critical Reconstruction Based on Contemporary Sources
K. N. Pandit (trans. and ed.):
A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir
Daniel Pipes:
The Rushdie Affair
The Novel, The Ayatollah and the West
Daniel Pipes:
Slave Soldiers and Islam
The Genesis of a Military System
Henri Pirenne:
Mohammed and Charlemagne
David S. Powers:
Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men
The Making of the Last Prophet
Nobert G. Pressburg:
What the Modern Martyr Should Know
Seventy-Two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin
The New Picture of Islam
Robert R. Reilly:
The Closing of the Muslim Mind
How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis
Gabriel Said Reynolds:
Critique of Christian Origins
A Parallel English-Arabic Text
Malise Ruthven:
Historical Atlas of the Islamic World
Emmet Scott:
Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited
The History of a Controversy
Emmet Scott:
The Impact of Islam
Emmet Scott:
A Guide to the Phantom Dark Age
Ronald Segal:
Islam's Black Slaves
The Other Black Diaspora
Anwar Shaikh:
Islam, the Arab Imperialism
Shashi S. Sharma:
Caliphs and Sultans
Religious Ideology and Political Praxis
Wilfred Cantwell Smith:
Islam in Modern History
Robert Spencer:
Did Muhammad Exist?
An Inquiery into Islam's Obscure Origins
Robert Spencer:
The History of Jihad
From Muhammad to ISIS
The Chronicle of Theophanes
Anni mundi 6095-6305 (A.D. 602-813)
Peter Townsend:
The Mecca Mystery
Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Muslim History
Peter Townsend:
The House Built on Sand
An Emad Almasry Mystery
Serge Trifkovic:
The Sword of the Prophet
History, Theology, Impact On the World
Benjamin Walker:
Foundations of Islam
The Making of a World Religion
John Wansbrough:
The Sectarian Milieu
Content and Composition of Islamic Salvation History
Bill Warner:
Mohammad and the Unbelievers
A Political Life
Bat Ye'or:
Islam and Dhimmitude
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