Articles under the category Hatred:

Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri: “The majority of us Muslims hate the Christians”

Rabbi Benjamin Blech: The Tragedy in Toulouse

Andrew G. Bostom: The Real Roots of Muslim Hatred

Andrew G. Bostom: Understanding Meriam Ibrahim’s Plight. From Marco Polo to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Sharia Engenders “Religious” Hatred Towards Christians

David Bukay: Another Western Stupidity. “Why Do They Hate Us?”

David Bukay: Islam's Hatred of the Non-Muslim

Brigitte Gabriel: Tolerating Hate Is Not an Option

Jamie Glazov: Hating Valentine’s

Daniel Greenfield: Islam’s Religious War with Everyone

Raymond Ibrahim: An Analysis of Al-Qa'ida's Worldview. Reciprocal Treatment or Religious Obligation?

Raymond Ibrahim: “Islam Hates Us” More Than You Know

Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Husbands Must Hate Non-Muslim Wives

Raymond Ibrahim: The Threat of Islamic Betrayal

Raymond Ibrahim: When Muslims Betray Non-Muslim Friends and Neighbors

Dallas Roark: Why Do Muslims Hate Christians?

Robert Spencer: Does the Qur’an Teach Hate?

Robert Spencer: "I am raising my son to be a high-quality and fantastic enemy of Jews and Christians"

Robert Spencer: Trump: “I think Islam hates us”

Wafa Sultan: Dr. Wafa Sultan is trying to transform the Muslim world. An exclusive interview (by Jenny Hazan)

Bat Yeor: A Culture of Hate

Good books under the category Hatred:
Nonie Darwish:
Now They Call Me Infidel
Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror
Jens-Martin Eriksen:
Hadets anatomi
Rejser i Bosnien og Serbien
Brigitte Gabriel:
Because they Hate
A Survivor af Islamic Terror Warns America
Jamie Glazov:
United in Hate
The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror
Raymond Ibrahim:
Crucified Again
Exposing Islam's New War on Christians
Hal Lindsey:
The Everlasting Hatred
The Roots of Jihad
Wafa Sultan:
A God Who Hates
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