Articles under the category Faith and Reason:

Peter D. Beaulieu: Christianity and Islam, Dialogue and Monologues. Review of Robert R. Reilly: The Prospects and Perils of Catholic-Muslim Dialogue

Ibrahim al-Buleihi: Western Civilization Has Liberated Mankind. Interview with Ibrahim al-Buleihi

Ibn Warraq: A True Islamic Reformation

Fr. C. John McCloskey: Islam’s Demotion of Reason. Father C. John McCloskey recommends Robert Reilly’s The Closing of the Muslim Mind

James V. Schall, S.J.: On “Whose God Is God?”

Good books under the category Faith and Reason:
The Incoherence of the Philosophers
Zain Ali:
Faith, Philosophy and the Reflective Muslim
Faith and Reason in Islam
Averroes' Exposition of Religious Arguments
Rebecca Bynum:
The Real Nature of Religion
Oriana Fallaci:
The Force of Reason
Edward Grant:
Science and Religion, 400 B.C. to A.D. 1550
From Aristotle to Copernicus
Jürgen Habermas:
Fornuft og religion
Sekulariseringens dialektik
Lee Harris:
The Suicide of Reason
Radical Islam's Threat to the West
Pervez Hoodbhoy:
Islam and Science
Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality
George F. Hourani:
Reason & Tradition in Islamic Ethics
Stanley L. Jaki:
Jesus, Islam, Science
Richard C. Martin:
Defenders of Reason in Islam
Mu'tazilism from Medieval School to Modern Symbol
James V. Schall:
The Regensburg Lecture
Kai Sørlander:
Forsvar for rationaliteten
Religion og politik i filosofisk perspektiv
Rodney Stark:
The Victory of Reason
How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success
George Weigel:
Faith, Reason, and the War against Jihadism
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