Articles under the category Culture War:

James M. Arlandson: Should the West Tolerate Islam?

Claire Berlinski: How the Term "Islamophobia" got Shoved Down your Throat

Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini: The Difficulties of Dialogue with Islam

Fr. Michel Boniface: Real ISLAM vs Imaginary ISLAM

Wolfgang Bruno: Islamic Dictionary for Infidels

David Bukay: Another Western Stupidity. “Why Do They Hate Us?”

Jonathan David Carson: We could lose everything

Citizen Warrior: Geert Wilders Shows Muhammad Cartoons on Dutch Television (video)

Conservative Citizens: Political Correctness: The Frankfurt School Story (Video)

Joseph DHippolito: The True Neo-Nazis

Bosch Fawstin: Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West

Hugh Fitzgerald: Strategies of Denial Revisited (Part I)

Hugh Fitzgerald: Strategies of Denial Revisited (Part II)

Hugh Fitzgerald: Strategies of Denial Revisited (Part III)

Hugh Fitzgerald: Strategies of Denial Revisited (Part IV)

Fjordman: Churchill, Hitler and Islam

FrontPageMag: Fighting the Cultural Marxists

Brigitte Gabriel: Interview with Brigitte Gabriel (by Roger Aronoff)

Pamela Geller: The West has lost the Will to Live

Danusha V. Goska: Hitler's Religion. Was Hitler Christian? Was Nazism? An authoritative new book gives the answer

Daniel Greenfield: Edward Said: Oppressed Fraud

Daniel Greenfield: Why the West Loves Lying to Itself About Islam

David Horowitz: Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future

Dale Hurd: (Video) Brave German Woman Rebukes Islam's Lie

Ibn Warraq: Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part I. Islam as totalitarianism

Ibn Warraq: Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part II. Christian Apologists Of Islam

Ibn Warraq: Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part III. Michel Foucault

Ibn Warraq: Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part IV. The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy, 9/11 And The Apologists Of Islamic Terrorism

Raymond Ibrahim: Strategies For Countering Radical Islamist Ideologies: Overcoming Conceptual Difficulties

Raymond Ibrahim: The West’s Prostration to Islam

Raymond Ibrahim: Two Scandinavian journalists expose the West's demise from 'weak Christianity' (Video)

Amil Imani: Jihad: Islam's Engine

Abul Kasem: Islamic Multiculturalism — the Endless Jihad

William Kilpatrick: A Strategy for Fighting the Cold War with Islam

William Kilpatrick: A Turning Point in History

William Kilpatrick: Are We Losing the Apologetics War with Islam?

William Kilpatrick: Breaking the Code

William Kilpatrick: Can the Church Recover Its Fighting Spirit?

William Kilpatrick: Christianity and Cultural Survival

William Kilpatrick: Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West. An Interview with William Kilpatrick (by Jamie Glazov)

William Kilpatrick: Eastern European Resistance to Islamization

William Kilpatrick: The Day the Music Died

William Kilpatrick: The New Primitives

William Kilpatrick: The Silence of the Lambs

William Kilpatrick: When Secularism Is Not Enough

William Kilpatrick: Wise As Serpents?

Alexander Maistrovoy: Neo-Stalinism and the Polish Challenge

Suhas Majumdar: Conclusion. Chapter 12

Fr. C. John McCloskey: Countering the West’s Growing Death Wish

Mordechai Nisan: The Challenge of Islam

Scott S. Powell: Revisiting Orwell to Understand our Times

Raymond V. Raehn: The Historical Roots of "Political Correctness"

Austin Ruse: Cultural Marxism is at the Heart of Our Moral Disintegration

James V. Schall, S.J.: Mission, Dialogue, and Difficulties

Emmet Scott: Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited: The Epilogue

Ali Sina: On Muslims in Europe. An Interview with Ali Sina (by Jarek N.)

Robert Spencer: Muslims, Our Natural Allies?

Robert Spencer: Sayyid Qutb and the Virginia Five

Joseph S. Spoerl: Whitewashing Islam, Defaming the West: A Case Study in Islamic Apologetics

Wafa Sultan: Contemplating Islam

Wafa Sultan: Dr. Wafa Sultan is trying to transform the Muslim world. An exclusive interview (by Jenny Hazan)

Mark Tapson: Back to the Ethic

Mark Tapson: Leftism - Not Just Wrong, But Evil

Mark Tapson: Scholar Blames Christchurch Massacre on – What Else? – Western Civilization. The Left never lets a good crisis go to waste

Bruce Thornton: It’s Not Just Islam, It’s the Tribal Mentality

Serge Trifkovic: The Stupidity of Dialogue With Islam

David Warren: Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

C. J. Wyatt: Silicon Valley and Islam

John Zmirak: The Best Book on Politics for Christians in 2019

Good books under the category Culture War:
Ahmed Akkari:
Min afsked med islamismen
Muhammedkrisen, dobbeltspillet og kampen mod Danmark
Abdullah al-Arabi:
The Islamization of America
The Islamic Strategies and The Christian Response
Saul D. Alinsky:
Rules for Radicals
A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals
Julien Benda:
The Treason of the Intellectuals
Paul Berman:
Terror and Liberalism
Andrew G. Bostom:
Sharia Versus Freedom
The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism
Helle Merete Brix, et al.:
I krigens hus
Islams kolonisering af Vesten
Anthony Browne:
The Retreat of Reason
Political Correctness and the Corruption of Public Debate in Modern Britain
Anthony Browne:
The Retreat of Reason
Political correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain
Peter Neerup Buhl:
- den sejrrige kulturmarxismes politiske udtryk
James Burnham:
Suicide of the West
An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism
Rebecca Bynum:
Allah is Dead
Why Islam is Not a Religion
Mogens Camre:
Der var et yndigt land
en beretning om truslen mod Danmark
Dinesh D'Souza:
The Big Lie
Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left
Jens-Martin Eriksen:
Adskillelsens politik
Multikulturalisme - ideologi og virkelighed
Anthony Esolen:
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization
Oriana Fallaci:
The Force of Reason
Oriana Fallaci:
The Rage and the Pride
Brigitte Gabriel:
They Must be Stopped
Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It
Mark A. Gabriel:
Culture Clash
Islam's War on the West
Francois Gautier:
Rewriting Indian History
Jamie Glazov:
United in Hate
The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror
Jamie Glazov:
Jihadist Psychopath
How He is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us
Lee Harris:
The Suicide of Reason
Radical Islam's Threat to the West
Lee Harris:
Civilization and Its Enemies
The Next Stage of History
Mervyn Hiskett:
Some to Mecca Turn to Pray
Islamic Values in the Modern World
Leo Hohmann:
Stealth Invasion
Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad
David Horowitz:
Unholy Alliance
Radical Islam and the American eft
Ibn Warraq:
Sir Walter Scott's Crusades & Other Fantasies
Robert Irwin:
Af begær efter viden
Orientalisterne og deres fjender
Martin Jay:
The Dialectical Imagination
A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research, 1923-1950
William Kilpatrick:
Christianity, Islam, and Atheism
The Struggle for the Soul of the West
William Kilpatrick:
Alexander Maistrovoy:
Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy
(Notes of a Stranger)
Joshua Muravchik:
Making David into Goliath
How the World Turned Against Israel
Douglas Murray:
The Strange Death of Europe
Immigration, Identity, Islam
Melanie Phillips:
The World Turned Upside Down
The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power
Daniel Pipes:
The Rushdie Affair
The Novel, The Ayatollah and the West
Ralf Pittelkow:
Efter 11. september
Vesten og islam
Edward W. Said:
James V. Schall:
The Regensburg Lecture
Roger Scruton:
The West and the Rest
Globalization and the Terrorist Threat
Roger Scruton:
Fools, Frauds and Firebrands
Thinkers of the New Left
Walid Shoebat:
The Case for Islamophobia
Jihad by the (S)Word; America's Final Warning
Kai Sørlander:
Forsvar for rationaliteten
Religion og politik i filosofisk perspektiv
Robert Spencer:
The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies)
Mark Steyn:
America Alone
The End of the World as We Know It
Wafa Sultan:
A God Who Hates
The Courageous Woman who Inflamed the Musim World Speaks Out against the Evils of Islam
Michael Walsh:
The Devil's Pleasure Palace
The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West
Steve Weidenkopf:
The Glory of the Crusades
George Weigel:
Faith, Reason, and the War against Jihadism
A Call to Action
Michael William:
The Genesis of Political Correctness
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