Silicon Valley and Islam
By C. J. Wyatt
Danish translation: Silicon Valley og islam
Source: Facing Islam Blog, October 29, 2017
Published on November 21, 2017

Last week, Dr Bill Warner at the Center for the Study of Political Islam released a short video discussing the "economic warfare" being waged on him by Silicon Valley and the Southern Poverty Law Center. These technocratic white knights are pushing non-capitulators out of the conversation to make way for the moral degeneracy of Islam.

Companies like PayPal, YouTube, Facebook, and Google are using cringy SPLC hate lists as their guide in targeting dissenters. Whether they realize it or not they work to protect evil. Like many American politicians they make lies a way of life.

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have a long history of seducing the rest of America with the bit of hedonism. Perhaps you recently read about California State Senator Scott Wiener out of San Francisco. Wiener co-authored legislation that now makes it a mere misdemeanor to knowingly infect someone with HIV. It's now California law. Don't be surprised when your state follows. And don't be surprised when you're called a "hater" for resisting.

Demonic Enslavement

With the above in mind, I couldn't help but think how the gross, demonic hedonism that runs through Islam is so close to the unrepentant sexual degeneracy storming our culture. It all comes from the same dark place. It's all lies from the father of lies. He wants to enslave us. He mocks the life in Christ.

In order to believe that Islam is a peaceful victim worth fighting for you'd have to believe that war is peaceful -- along with subjugation and rape.

Muslim using young boy as a "honey pot"

In order to believe that unrepentant sexual deviance is peaceful and worth fighting for you'd have to believe that slavery to impulse is peaceful -- along with spiritual death and mockery of God.

CA State Senator Scott Wiener

We Don't Have to Pretend

All people of conscience should understand that empires come and go. Never forget that our country was bitten by Enlightenment thinking at her founding. There's a lot to love about America but for the sake of your soul -- it's okay to be suspicious of the mechanisms that made a place for evil. Take care to guard your heart. Resist the impulse to get-along. Enlightenment ideas, by design, push us toward secularism and empiricism at the expense of morality and the true God. You are free to question spaces made for the evil one.

We don't have to pretend that Mohammed is a source of cultural strength because our leaders say so (or because of the First Amendment). We don't have to co-sign the sexual revolution to be open and loving. We don't have to affirm the violent homicide of pre-borns in their mommies' bellies in order to stand with women or the poor.

We must render unto Caesar and be mindful. Tread carefully. As time passes our marginalization will likely intensify. The culture wants us to affirm its progress or face the consequences. May our true citizenship be the New Jerusalem. America may send us there sooner than we think.