Islam is Fear
By Bob Smith
Danish translation: Islam er frygt
Source: Islam's Fatal Flaw, January, 2009
Published on December 17, 2011

Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

This article is about these Islamic killers and the fear they generate.

Islamic society is trapped by a self-replicating, endless cycle of violence and fear, driven by its most devout believers. The cycle goes like this.

The Violence

Each generation’s most devout believers train a small percentage of the next generation’s most devout believers that it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam. This becomes an endless cycle because of two things. (1) These devout believers are also instructed to kill anyone who tries to modify or stop the teaching of this violence. (2) The number of these devout believers is high enough to reach a sort of critical mass.

The Fear

Because (1) these potential killers are trained everywhere within Islam and evenly distributed throughout the greater Islamic population (ummah) and (2) because they cannot be easily identified, it means any devout believer anywhere could be the next killer. Every Muslim is aware of this potential threat (fear) from these most devout believers. As a result all Muslims suffer from the same fear that drives the system.

The violence and fear created by these devout believers has a profound effect on Islam. It is at the core of what Islam has become. The violence/fear cycle is responsible for all the irregularities of Islamic society. It is why Muslims seem so pious (fear of a negative response from the most devout believers). It is why Muslims don’t leave the faith and why they don’t integrate when they emigrate. (The killers are trained to kill anyone who leaves the faith). It is why moderate Muslims never speak up (the killers are trained to kill anyone who questions the faith). It is why Muslims from Morocco to the Philippines riot over a handful of cartoons or a simple comment from the Pope. (The killers’ riot and others go along in order to look pious.)

This violence/fear cycle leaves a deep psychic scar on Muslim society and is responsible for what Islam is. Understanding this violence/fear system is the ultimate key to understanding Islam. No attempts to deal with Islamic violence will ever succeed unless they address the cause of this violence/fear cycle.

Describing this violence/fear system - the Islamic killers - and their cyclical nature is difficult for a number of reasons. First and foremost the violence/fear system is huge. Even though it is in plain sight, its sheer size and uniqueness makes it difficult to see. Additionally most Muslims (and non-Muslim apologists) deny the existence of these killers. Furthermore because these killers are widely and evenly distributed throughout Islamic society and usually never seen until they commit their acts of violence, it is difficult to connect these independent killers into any kind of Islamic cyclical system. Also because the system is cyclical, the starting point of the discussion is difficult to identify.

Let’s start by discussing the fear created by these killers.

Islamic Fear

Islamic fear is easy to understand and feel if you know what to look for. Let’s look closely at two Islamic fear scenarios. The first is the case of the Mohammad cartoon T-shirt mentioned above. The second is the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam and the subsequent publication of the Mohammad cartoons.

The Mohammad Cartoon T-Shirt Scenario

It is easy to understand how a person living in Montana could comfortably wear a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt. There are few, if any, Muslims in Montana. The chance of being spotted by one of these Islamic killers is slim. As a result, most people would not be intimidated. The Islamic fear factor in Montana – low.

But in Dearborn Michigan the situation is different. Dearborn has a fairly large Muslim population. Wearing a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in Dearborn Michigan could have some risk. Somewhere in the Muslim community, a devout believer might take offence. And that offence might lead to violence. As a result, some people might be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in Dearborn – medium.

Now take the same Mohammad cartoon T-shirt scenario to an even larger Muslim population – say the Muslim section of London. The Muslim section of London has a population of over one million. You can be sure, somewhere in this community there are a number of Islamic killers. Considering the recent transit attack that killed over 50, and the failed bombing attempts, it is easy to imagine a deeply devout Muslim taking offence. As a result, a large percentage of people might be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in London – high.

Finally, let’s imagine the fear you would feel in a nearly 100% Muslim society. Imagine wearing the Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in Mecca, Cairo or Tehran. The fear would be over powering. The simple fact is – as I said above - you would not last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. As a result, most reasonable people would be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in Mecca, Cairo, or Tehran – exceptionally high.

(Two notes. (1) In a nearly all-Muslim population such as Mecca, Cairo or Tehran, the killer would, more than likely, walk away a free man. He would not be prosecuted for his act. At the local mosque he would be treated with respect for defending Islam. (2) If you are a non-Muslim in Mecca you would be killed outright – non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca.)

I have chosen this T-shirt scenario for two simple reasons. First, it is real. (I challenge anyone to prove otherwise with the following straightforward method. Simply wear a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in a prominent place in Tehran. Make a short video and post it on YouTube.) Second, it is easy to understand. Montana – almost no Muslims – no Islamic fear. Mecca, Cairo and Tehran - almost all Muslims – exceptionally high Islamic fear. If you look at this Mohammad cartoon T-shirt scenario it becomes quite clear - the greater the percentage of Muslims in a given situation - the greater the Islamic fear factor.

The most important thing to remember about this Mohammad cartoon T-shirt discussion is this. What exactly is it that causes this fear? The answer is this. There is a real fear that some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you. (This is an important detail. Keep it in mind.)

The Murder of Theo Van Gogh and the Mohammad cartoons

Now, let’s look at the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam and the subsequent reason for the publication of the Mohammad cartoons.

Theo Van Gogh had made a film that was critical of how Islam treats women. Van Gogh was murdered by an Islamic killer named Mohammed Bouyeri. According to published reports, Mr. Bouyeri, at his trial told the court, Van Gogh had insulted Islam. "What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith," Bouyeri said, "I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his prophet."

Mr. Bouyeri in reality had done two things. First he had killed Theo Van Gogh. But even more importantly he had helped spread this same Islamic fear (the fear that some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you) throughout those parts of Western Europe where many Muslims (though only a minority of less than 10%) now live.

The Islamic fear spread by the murder of Van Gogh was part of the reason why Flemming Rose, the publisher of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, published the “Mohammad cartoons”.

Mr. Rose said in a Washington Post article February 19, 2006, he “commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation in dealing with issues related to Islam. … Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.”

Flemming Rose was describing a form of the Islamic fear factor. (The fear some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you.) Similar to what I point out in the T-shirt scenario above.

Islamic Fear by the numbers

Now let’s look at this European Islamic fear reality as described by Flemming Rose and see if it can help us understand the fear inside a nearly 100% Muslim society.

Keep in mind that Muslims make up less than 10% of Western European population. Yet, even when Muslims only represent this small percentage of the general population, the potential presence of Islamic killers has had the effect, according to Flemming Rose, of creating “self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.”

Think of this reality. Western Europeans, who have grown up believing in free speech, living in their own free and open societies, are afraid to talk critically about Islam when Muslims make up less than 10% of the Western European population.

So now think of what it must be like inside a Muslim society where essentially 100% of the population is Muslim. The fear factor must be at least 10 times greater.

Imagine a nearly 100% Muslim society, a Muslim society where unseen religious killers, like Bouyeri, roam literally everywhere. Free expression and critical discussion of Islam within Muslim society is essentially shut off. Shut off by Islam’s dark force of fear. Shut off by the fear of the unseen religious killers.

This inability to talk critically about Islam inside Islamic society is one of the main reasons why Islam is stuck in its endless cycle of violence. Muslims can clearly see the violence surrounding them. But they know all too well, any critical discussion on the issue might draw the attention of a killer like Mohammed Bouyeri. As a result most Muslims live in fear of a system that keeps them quiet. Inside a system they have no control of.

So now we have a beginning idea of what the Islamic fear is, let’s move on and discuss who these Islamic killers are.

Who are the killers?

In order to start the discussion on the Islamic killers let’s look at a trait common to all religions. Religious believers come in all degrees of belief. Some are only marginal believers, and some are quite devout. For the sake of this discussion, let’s arrange a horizontal line called a “Belief Index” scale. On it, we can spread out the believers from least devout to most devout.

It goes like this. On the far left you have the least devout believers. Some of these have so little belief they might be considered secular. On the right side we find the most devout.

Let’s give the “belief index” scale numeric values from 1 to 10. Where 1 equals least devout and 10 equals most devout.

----------------------------------Belief Index-----------------------------------
Least Devout -------------------------------------------------------Most Devout
---- 1 ----- 2 ----- 3 ----- 4 ----- 5 ----- 6 ----- 7 ----- 8 ----- 9 ----- 10 ----

Islamic killers come from the ranks of Islam’s most devout believers. On the “belief index” scale these believers fall somewhere in the 9.75 to 10 range. These believers, under the right combination of facts and situation would be willing to commit violence in the name of Islam.

These most devout believers have been religiously trained to believe numerous calls to violence found within Islamic teachings. The Koran, Hadith, and Sunnah, the foundational base of Islam, all have numerous calls to violence. Additionally, Islamic scholars, the mullah infrastructure, fatwas and societal norms support violence in the name of Islam. Islam’s most devout believers, accept as true, they have a God given authority to commit violence for the benefit of Islam. (Just as Mr. Bouyeri stated above.)

In actual numbers these most devout believers – those willing to commit violence in the name of Islam - represent most likely somewhere between 1/10th of 1% and 10% of the general population. That is between one out of a thousand and one out of ten.

The Muslim population is presently about 1.3 billion. That means the number of potential killers ranges from as little as 1.3 million to as many as 130 million. Even at the lowest estimate, the 1.3 million killers becomes a huge threat. At 130 million the threat is hard to imagine.

This wide variation in the number of potential killers in the general population is due to a number of factors. First, the majority of these killers never really “sign up” to be part of an Islamic force per se, so it is impossible to know how many there actually are. Additionally, most act out of a deep religious conviction that could change from day to day. Also, the structure of Islam has no central authority; so on any given day any devout believer might independently decide to fulfill his religious destiny. Furthermore, certain important Islamic issues (such as defending Islam from perceived threats – as in Iraq) might persuade a larger percentage of devout believers to fulfill their religious obligation.

To make matters worse, even though the numbers of these most devout believers – the ones willing to commit violence for Islam - might be limited, there is a second group who augment and amplify the effect of these killers. These are the sympathizers and supporters of religious violence.

These sympathizers and supporters (8-9.75 on “belief index” chart) in reality act as the eyes and ears of the killers. Even though the sympathizers might not be willing to commit violence, they are willing to support it. They are also willing to talk about what they see. When the sympathizers and the most devout gather at the mosques or other social situations, they engage in small talk and conversation, which brings new data to the killer’s attention. This spreads the fear factor far and wide.

In sheer numbers, the combination of the sympathizers and the most devout, most likely make up about 20% of the general Muslim population. That means about one out of five individuals is either a killer or a sympathizer. Because their identities are transparent or unknown, the sympathizers’ presence adds to the fear factor discussed above.

(Imagine being Muslim in this scenario. Each time you get together with 5 or more friends you could statistically be with one of these devout killers or sympathizers. Would you be willing to talk candidly about issues of religion unless you were really “sure” about your friends?)

Because of the Islamic principle of taqiyya (deception in the furtherance of Islam) Muslims for the most part refuse to acknowledge this “group” of killers. Furthermore, the killers would kill anyone who would shed light on or criticize them. Non-Muslims usually do not acknowledge these killers because of some combination of ignorance and political correctness. Additionally the veil of religious legitimacy given to Islam further confuses the issue.

These killers can be independent, unorganized individuals like Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam. These independent killers act like self-appointed “free agents”. Under Islamic law they are independently empowered to enforce Islamic sharia law. Because of their (1) “free agency”, (2) their ability to remain unnoticed until they act, (3) their even distribution within Islamic society, and (4) their sheer numbers - these “free agency” potential killers are responsible for the overwhelming majority of fear within Muslim society. When these “free agent’ killers do their work in the non-Muslim world, their actions are usually seen as criminal acts, unrelated to Islamic calls to violence.

Islam’s killers can also be organized into all sizes and types of groups - from two man cells to large organizations like al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah or other terrorist organizations. These groups can act independently or in conjunction with other groups or individuals. Their actions require no central authority but may be coordinated with other groups. Any independent “free agent” can start his own organization. Size and reach is only limited by the organizational skills of the individuals involved. Any and all of these groups can help or receive help other groups. Muslim governments routinely provide clandestine support for many of these groups at the same time claiming these groups are “non-governmental actors.”

While most of the killers come from the extreme right side of the religious index chart, some of the less devout believers may succumb to what has been called “sudden jihadi syndrome”. That is, under the right set of circumstances, they could be swayed to commit violence.

Islam’s killers can act anonymously. Like the killers who leave bombs in public places or the motorcyclist tossing a grenade into a crowd. Other killers proudly come out and do their work in public, like Mohammed Bouyeri the killer of Van Gogh.

Some Islamic killers are often quite easy to see. They can routinely be found in the news. The 19 men on September 11 were Islamic killers. The endless stream of Iraqi and Afghani suicide bombers are Islamic killers. The men in London who bombed the transit system were Islamic killers. The murderers in Belson were part of the group.

In Thailand Islamic killers decapitate schoolgirls and gun down plantation workers. In the Philippines they bomb markets and ferries. In Spain they bombed the transit system. In Jordan they bomb weddings and gun down college professors. In Egypt they shoot tourists at the pyramids, bomb hotels and murder former president Anwar Sadat.

In India the killers have hit Mumbai a number of times and make life miserable in Kashmir. In Africa, Islam’s killers work in Kenya setting off bombs at the US embassy. In Sudan they are responsible for the killing in Darfur. In Lebanon they launch missiles into Israel. In Argentina they bombed the Israeli embassy.

In Western Europe the killers work within the Muslim ghettos making sure that Muslims don’t leave the faith. In France they bomb the subways and help incite the riots of 2006.

Even in the US, Islamic killers do their work. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood, John Allen Muhammad shot ten people in the Washington DC area. In Salt Lake City Sulejmen Talovic killed five people in a shopping mall. In Seattle Naveed Afzal Haq killed one and wounded four. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, a recent graduate from Iran, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, drove his SUV into a crowd of students. In NJ six killers made plans to attack Fort Dix. (Note here. Conventional wisdom would have us believe these acts were all independent criminal acts. The reality is this. These acts were all part of what you should expect from Islam’s violent cyclical system.)

Any place on the face of the globe where you find Muslims you will also find Islam’s killers. Because these killers are relatively evenly dispersed throughout Islamic society, the more Muslims, the more killers.

The type of work these killers do depends on the percentage of Muslims in the society they are working in.

Inside Muslim society, their primary task is to keep Islam alive. They do this by killing anyone who (1) insults Allah or (2) insults Mohammad or (3) questions or tries to change Islam, or (4) tries to leave the faith. (This is why Muslims seem so pious, don’t leave the faith and moderates don’t speak up.) Additionally in Muslim society their task is to enhance adherence to and enforce Islamic Sharia law. In Afghanistan the killers blow up girls schools to enforce their ideal of a true Islamic state. In Egypt they killed Anwar Sadat because he had gone against Islamic law by trying to make peace with Israel.

In those places where Islamic society comes into contact with non-Muslim society, such as the situation now in Western Europe, one of their primary tasks is to make sure Muslims do not assimilate into their host society. (Again making sure that Islam is kept alive.) Their other tasks include terrorizing non-Muslims into conversion to Islam or acceptance of Islamic Sharia law. This terrorization can take the form of criminal behavior or, a constant low-grade gorilla war like conflict. Examples of the latter are Kashmir, the Balkans, Thailand, the Philippines, sub Sahara Africa, and now even Western Europe.

The killers are overwhelmingly young and male. Women have become a small number of recent killers. They come from all economic and educational strata. Poverty is not a cause, but does work to the advantage of devout believers looking for new “recruits”.

This system even finds a way to harness the destructive power of its young male social misfits. They can practice their destructive ways on non-Muslims in the form of rapes, muggings, and general mayhem and receive positive feedback from the most devout. This is why Western European jails have such a high percentage of Muslim inmates.

The sad reality about Islam’s killers is this: Because Islam makes a continuous claim of religious legitimacy, Islam, as a system, can rely on a huge, unpaid, unseen, unorganized, individually acting, empowered to act, widely distributed group of highly motivated devout believers who are willing to kill in order to keep Islam the way it is.

These devout believers in reality represent an unconventional unseen phantom army. An army where no one needs orders and each soldier knows exactly what to do. An army where no one is really in control. An army as deadly as any on earth.

How does the system continuously train the killers?

So now we know a bit about Islamic fear. We also have an idea of who some of the Islamic killers are. Let’s look at where the killers come from and some of the rules, regulations, social traditions and societal norms that create Islam’s self-replicating endless cycle of violence.

(This selection of rules, regulations and such, represents on a tiny fraction of the directives controlling Islam. In reality the Islamic system comes together like the “perfect storm”, with literally thousands of directives working to keep Islam the way it is. The directives I have chosen to mention here are some of the easiest to see and understand.)

Islam isn’t just a religion. It is a complete social system. (Numerous writers have called it a totalitarian system.) Islamic Sharia law includes rules for almost everything from birth to death. And a large portion of these rules work to perpetuate the Islam itself.

One key rule states, all children born to Muslims are automatically Muslim. This means all Muslims (except converts) have no say in their own participation in Islam. It also means that all parents have no say in whether or not their children are Muslims. It also insures a continuous crop of new potential devout believers – the next generation of Islamic killers.

Another important rule says “Islam is more important than family.” Because Islamic extended families are usually large, it is hard to imagine a family without either a deeply devout (potential killer) or a sympathizer. This means, within every extended family, the most religiously devout believers make sure the rest of the family is properly Islamic. It also means parents, will receive pressures from other family members making sure all children are exposed to Islamic dogma. As a result, all children receive Islamic training from birth on.

Once a child reaches school age the training becomes institutionalized. This starts at the lowest grades and continues throughout all of a child’s education. While not all schools are strictly Islamic, all schools in Islamic society require all students to study Islamic subjects.

In poorer Islamic countries where government run schools may not exist or may not be free, there are usually Islamic schools. Most of these Islamic schools are free. These schools teach a more intense Islamic curricula.

In addition there are also thousands of madrassas (20,000+ in Pakistan alone) teaching millions of students spread throughout Islam. These madrassas teach an unyielding form of Islam. It can include rote memorization of the Koran, and teaching of the Islamic passages calling on devout believers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

Within the educational system, the devout believers and sympathizers again make their presence felt. Anyone trying to moderate the teaching of Islamic materials, risks the wrath of an unseen killer.

By the time children become adults, a small percent become their own generation’s most devout believers, and about 20% become the sympathizers. Because this educational system is spread evenly throughout Islam, these devout believers and sympathizers are, as pointed out earlier, spread everywhere. And the violence/fear cycle continues.

(Note: It is bad enough that Muslims teach this hate inside their own societies, but immigrant Muslims teach the same hate under the noses of gullible western hosts. The London transit bombings of 2005 are a perfect example. I do not believe the young Islamic killers of this incident got their motivation inside the politically correct British educational system. The same thing can be said about the recent foiled June 06 terrorist plot in Canada. They did not learn their hatred of Canada inside the Canadian school system. Additionally, numerous investigative reports on this issue confirm this issue.)

Unfortunately, the training of children is only the beginning of a continuous process that assures everyone is properly Islamic. Within Islamic society, additional training and continuous reinforcement of Islamic dogma is literally everywhere.

Let’s look at some of the common beliefs and practices that are part of the cyclical system. Keep in mind. – (1) All of these issues are hot issues that would draw attention of the unseen killers. (2) Because of the fear of the unseen killers, no one ever questions any of these issues.

Five times a day Muslims are called to prayer. These prayer callings are a constant reminder to the most devout that it is their responsibility to ensure the purity of Islam. It is also a constant reminder to the least devout – don’t question Islam – potential killers are everywhere. These prayer calls help keep the fear quotient high.

In Muslim society, because everyone is aware of the unseen killer, virtually no one ever speaks up on any issues counter to Islam. This process takes place literally on every level of society. From market place to office, from grocery store to shoe shop, from camel race to car race, from the library to the garden center no one ever speaks ill of anything Islamic.

Newspapers, radios and televisions in Muslim societies continuously put forth stories that convey the proper Islamic perspective. Because of a wide potential audience, media reporters risk dealing with numerous potential unseen killers for even small errors of judgment. Hence none are willing to take the risk or even the slightest questioning of Islamic issues.

To make matters worse, the media also takes an active role in furthering Islamic dogma. Numerous independent organizations, which monitor Islamic media, report articles inciting Muslims to violence, and instilling hatred toward non-Muslims.

The following is a list of items, reinforced daily, no one ever questions – out of fear.

The Koran is the “perfect word of God.” - This means it can’t be questioned or changed.

Mohammad was the perfect human. - The fact he was a murderer, mugger, rapist, child pedophile and thief is ignored. The inability of Muslims to talk about this rationality is responsible for the erratic behavior Muslims sometimes exhibit.

All men should strive to be like Mohammad. This leads devout Muslims to fanatical and erratic behavior.

Lying in the furtherance of Islam is OK. – More reason for erratic behavior.

Islam is the only true religion. All others are “not true.” – This belief is driven into the collective Muslim consciousness to such a high degree that even only marginal believers will agree.

Islam includes a form of 1984 style double talk. Islam is the freedom of God. Democracy is the tyranny of man.

Muslim superiority. Muslims have a rightful place ahead of others. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population. Even believed by only marginal believers.

Non-Muslim inferiority. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population. (Of course non-Muslims can change their position by converting to Islam.)

All the world must be Muslim. God said it – it must be true.

Any degradation of Islam, Mohammad, or the Koran is cause for death – at the hand of an unseen killer.

Islam is perfect. No questions, no changes, can’t quit. All are warned if they do any of these—they could be killed.

Islam is more important than family.

Family members kill members who stray from Islam.

Family members, if they are non-believers, have nothing in common with you and should be abandoned or ignored.

Killing and other crimes in the name of Islam are usually never punished.

Trusted friends can only be Muslim. – This is one reason why Muslims don’t integrate when they emigrate to non-Muslims societies.

All Muslims have obligation to spread or help spread Islam.

If a Muslim cannot fight in jihad, Islamic law says he must aid the jihad in some way.

Islam is a political entity - Islam is the state.

This system elevates religion – Islam - to the ultimate pinnacle of Muslim consciousness.

And then there is the Mosque/Mullah infrastructure.

The mosques and mullahs have an important role to play in the cyclical system. The mosques act as constant reminder of Islam’s presence with their call to prayer five times a day. The Mullahs act as a center point to most devout believers and sympathizers. The mullahs’ position is to reinforce Islamic dogma (including the items above) and encourage devout believers to ensure it is upheld.

One of Islam’s strangest phenomena is as follows. These mosques become dangerous intellectual cesspools of Islam think. Only the most devout believers work their way into leadership positions. These people are the most likely to believe Islamic calls to violence. The inability to rationalize anything about Islam is at its height inside the mosques. There are numerous cases of mullahs being murdered by their own co-religionists for having not been conservative enough.

Let’s look at how the fear, the killers, and the rules, create a complete cycle

So, all of these items come together in a random fashion. The order is not important. Everyone gets indoctrinated as a child. Indoctrination continues in adults. Everyone always talks good of Islam. No one ever speaks badly of Islam. There is a continuous preaching of the flaws of the non-Muslim world. There is a consistent preaching of Islamic perfection.

Family members watch families. Friends watch friends. The mullahs keep stoking the cyclical system. The most deeply devout - along with the sympathizers - make sure all Muslims stay within the expected norm. Reasonable questions never get asked. Unreasonable beliefs are reinforced. And all the time an unseen army of devout killers makes sure all of this happens.

So here is the self-replicating cycle. The fear leads to no one questioning the system. No one questioning the system leads to de-facto acceptance on issues of Islam. Because all accept the system the system must be right. Because believers vocalize praise for Islam, everyone only hears praise for Islam. No one ever hears anything bad about Islam. No one quits. No one questions. No one criticizes. All children become part of the system.

Over and over and over, like a stuck phonograph. The system does the same thing again and again. Just like a computer caught in a software endless loop. Islam, as a society, is trapped in a self-replicating cycle of violence and fear.

Why Now?

This cyclical system, as described, has been going on inside of Islam since the time of Mohammad. And like most systems, there is a control mechanism. The fear that drives Islam, directly responds to the amount of money available to the mullah/mosque infrastructure. Since the first oil embargo of the 70’s the amount of money pumped into Muslim oil producers has gone up hundreds of times. This has allowed the rich Muslim oil states to dump untold billions into the worldwide mullah/mosque infrastructure.

These monies have been used for a huge expansion of mosques throughout the Muslim world. This includes the thousands of new mosques built in Western societies. These monies have also been used to train and send out conservative mullahs throughout the world to preach the most conservative form of Islam.

When you step on the gas pedal of a car there is a slight lag time – about 1/4 second - and the car goes faster. When oil rich Muslim states pump monies into the mullah/mosque infrastructure there is a slight lag time – about 20-30 years – and you get more of the super devout.

So today we are reaping the harvest of violence grown from the seeds of hate and fear planted over the past 30 years.