Fighting the Cultural Marxists
A distinguished panel tackles the Left's agenda at the Freedom Center's West Coast Retreat
By FrontPageMag
Danish translation: Kampen mod kulturmarxisterne
Source:, May 9, 2019
Published on June 26, 2019

At the Freedom Center's recent West Coast Retreat at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes (April 5-7, 2019), Shillman Fellow Mark Tapson moderated a panel discussion on "Fighting The Cultural Marxists" with Nick Adams, founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov and author, columnist and trial lawyer Kurt Schlichter. Don't miss the video and transcript of the talk below.

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Mark Tapson: I'm going to talk a little bit about what cultural Marxism is, because it's a phrase that you hear a lot, a term that you hear a lot, but it's good to know what it is, because the left likes to pretend that it is not a thing, and so it's good for us to have some ammunition about that.

To put it in a nutshell, cultural Marxism is the application of Marxist aims to the culture instead of to economics. It expands this whole oppressor versus oppressed paradigm of Marxist class warfare, to include other marginalized groups in other arenas like race and gender. So, non-whites, for example, are oppressed by whiteness. Gays are oppressed by heteronormativity. Muslims are oppressed by Christians, and so on.

The point of cultural Marxism is it ultimately is about deconstructing conventional society by unleashing an assault on it on every cultural front including rewriting history, undermining religious observance and belief, and especially subverting traditional morality.

In the 1930s and 1940s, actually it started slightly before that, but the so-called Frankfurt School of Intellectuals, it included people like Eric From and Theodore Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, they all realized that economic Marxism was not working, so, they had to find another way. So, they repurposed classical Marxism into what they called critical theory. The aim of critical theory is to criticize, relentlessly and destructively, every aspect of western society by the use of what they call social emancipatory strategies. So, cultural Marxism is about emphasizing culture and ideology over economics.

These guys were vastly influential in academic circles, and they are the basis for this huge proliferation of women studies, gay studies, black studies, all these academic departments that are all over university campuses today.

Now, the left likes to dismiss concerns about cultural Marxism by claiming that people who use the term, like I just did, as kind of a straightforward transference of Marxist strategy to identity categories like race and gender and sexuality.  They claim that we don't understand it really; that it's a much more complex intellectual phenomena and that it's not really cultural Marxism, but post-modernism, which is distinct actually from Marxism, and they say you don't have to be a Marxist to be a post-modernist and vice versa, which is true.

But the farther down this rabbit hole you go, the more complex it becomes, but essentially the left claims that cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory of the right.  In fact, I just saw the other day that a professor tweeted that cultural Marxism was "a moronic invention of the alt right", and this is false, but that's, what at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, that's exactly what cultural Marxists would want you to think, but it's true.  Cultural Marxism is real.  It has followers.  It has an intellectual history, even when those followers don't acknowledge or understand that they are using cultural Marxism.

For example, no leftist activist today wakes up and says, "I'm going to go out and wage some really effective cultural Marxism today", but they do, however, wake up and say things like, "I'm going to stick it to the patriarchy today", or "I'm going to do my part to undermine white privilege today", or "I'm going to subvert capitalism today."  Those are cultural Marxist strategies.  So, whether they realize it or not, or call it cultural Marxism or not, it all stems from this Marxist paradigm of oppressor versus the oppressed.  So, the currents of cultural Marxism do exist, and the goal is the same.  It's the complete destruction of western values, structures, and traditions just like Marx intended.

Let me, if I could, give you one example of one arena in which is being waged that I've been writing about a lot lately, it's the so-called war on masculinity, which you see very prominently almost every day in the news now.  The key to advancing, I think this is the key to everything actually, the war on masculinity and I'll explain why in a second.  The key to advancing this Marxist Cultural Revolution is what Marx called the abolition of the family, because the family is the basic elemental bond of humanity, and it is the most formidable line of defense against tyranny and against totalitarian state control.  So, to destroy the family, the left has undertaken, for decades now, a campaign to denigrate marriage and motherhood, to obliterate gender distinctions, and to eradicate or at least delegitimize traditional masculinity.

Now, why is the emasculation of men so crucial to this strategy?  Well, it's because masculinity is the warrior spirit of the nuclear family.  It is the dynamic, aggressive, unruly, and individualistic energy that drives men to build, explore, defend, and fight, and to resist submission and to resist tyranny and mediocrity, and to embrace the personal freedoms and responsibilities of capitalism, unlike the collectivist sheep who prefer the deceptively safe spaces of government control.  So, masculinity is a threat to tyranny and it is not easily confronted head on.  So, what do you do?  You subvert it and devitalize it culturally by attacking the roles of men as fathers, leaders, fighters, and husbands.

So, anyway, that's one example, but that in a nutshell is what cultural Marxism is.  Many on the left roll their eyes when they hear that term, but it's real.  The Marxist impetus behind every single cultural assault that we're seeing today, and that's why it's crucial that we recognize it and push back with everything we've got, because we're conservatives.  We conserve.  We preserve the best that has come before and the values that sustain us.  So, that is our fight.  That's the essence of our existential battle against the left.

Now I am going to stop talking, and, uh, let Nick Adams take over and take it just to the next level.

Nick Adams: We have just a little time today, so, I want to try and phrase cultural Marxism in such a way as to have it personally resonate with you, because all of us react to cultural Marxism, just like anything else, personally, how it's affected us in our life; the circumstances in which we're presented, what we grew up with, what we know, and what we do.  So, let me try and offer you a unique perspective.  I want to begin by sharing with you a story.

It's December of 1985.  Two parents are at their wits' end.  Something is wrong with their 16‑month-old child.  For months they have been to doctor after doctor, pediatrician after pediatrician, but nobody can tell them what is wrong.  One night, with their child even more unsettled than usually, they head to the emergency ward of the local children's hospital.  The ward is almost deserted, but there is one other night doctor there, a young man with a smiling face.  As he looks the child over, his smile quickly evaporates.  He tells the parents that he can't be sure, but he has a hunch that he may have seen this before, and he fears that their child has a very rare form of childhood cancer.  He prescribes a certain set of tests and commands the parents to return the very next morning at 8:00 to have those tests conducted.

The very next day, the parents' worst fears would be confirmed.  Their child had Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a very rare form of childhood cancer indeed.  The parents were mine.  The child was me.  The doctor, it turned out, was an American.  The cause of neuroblastoma remains unknown to this day, with only 1 in 100,000 children being diagnosed with it each year.  Notoriously difficult to diagnose; when it is, the tumor has almost always already metastasized.  The child, an infant, a baby with Stage 4 neuroblastoma is given just a 5 percent chance of life.  For 3½ years I underwent chemotherapy, radio therapy, and an operation, and through the healing hands of God and a master physician, I defied the odds and lived.  It was the instincts of an American doctor fresh out of college just in Australia for a summer residency that proved crucial to my survival.

Once I became of an age where I could properly comprehend the magnitude of my escape, I resolved that I would never, ever waste a single second of a minute of an hour of a day of a month of the year ever, and I'm really proud to be able to tell all of you that I have very much lived up to that self-commitment.  I was the valedictorian of school.  I was publicly elected to office at the age of 19, becoming one of the youngest ever elected councilmen in Sydney, Australia.  Just 8 days after my 21st birthday I became the youngest deputy mayor in Australia in history, in Sydney, a record which still stands to this day.  I'm now a four-time best-selling author.  I've spoken in 38 of the 50 states.  I've spoken in 7 different countries around the world.  But, with all of those accomplishments, I want you to know that I have been battling cultural Marxism all of my life.  I was at war at high school.  I was at war in college.  When I tried to come to the United States of America legally, President Obama and John Kerry's State Department put me on a no-fly list.  I couldn't travel to the United States of America for a period of time.  I was black listed.  I'm a public school teacher by profession.  I was blacklisted and unable to find employment.

I want you to understand how insidious and pervasive and pernicious cultural Marxism is.  Cultural Marxism isn't just some foreign kind of ideology that has been imported to America that your brain needs to be the size of a small planet to understand.

Cultural Marxism is political correctness.  Cultural Marxism is resenting people that have differentiated themselves professionally, financially, or in some other fashion more so than you.  Political correctness and cultural Marxism is about aspiring for mediocrity and not greatness.  Cultural Marxism is antithetical to the American values that make this the exception to the world.

American exceptionalism is individualism, not collectivism; patriotism, not relativism; God, not government; faith, not secularism.  It's E Pluribus Unum, not radical multiculturalism.  It's equality, but equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

These are the virtues and values that have differentiated the United States of America from every other society on this Earth, and yesterday proponents and advocates of cultural Marxism would eliminate every single one of those points of differentiation, rendering America just another place.  Cultural Marxism means that success and achievement has to be a measurement of how much butt you kiss as opposed to how much butt you kick.

What could be more un-American and anti-American than that?  Cultural Marxism is this choking conformity, this totalitarian ideology that strips us of our individualism, eliminates our patriotism, removes our self-confidence, and it is turning this country into the one that I felt I had to leave.  It is turning this country into every kind of European nation, and it's happening for two reasons.

No. 1, all of the cultural institutions that shape and generate our culture are in the hands of people that want to fundamentally transform the United States of America.  Their words, not mine.  They don't love America the way that you and I love America.  They don't love the things about America that you and I love about America.  They want to turn this society into something that it has never been, something that it isn't, and something that it should never be.

The other reason why we're losing this fight is because there's a passion gap, and as difficult and as painful as it is for me to share this with you, the only way that we are going to be able to win this war against cultural Marxism, the only way we are going to overcome the infiltration of the left everywhere - in Hollywood, in the mainstream media, in elementary schools, in colleges, everywhere we look - the only way that we're going to be able to do it is if we admit the position that we're in, and I want to tell you that for the last 60 years, nothing that you don't know, there has been a culture war raging in this country, but only one side has been fighting it.  They have done it with lies, violence, the threat of violence, and the hostile takeovers of universities.  They are governed only by two things – the rules of Saul Alinsky and the Chicago mob.  And they are dedicated to nothing short of our complete annihilation.

In response to that culture where we conservatives, we hard-working, everyday ordinary men and women have been busy paying off our mortgages, building up our businesses, saving up our money to send our children off to college, and we have consistently and constantly and continually sought the high ground and praised things like collegiality and dignity and propriety, and we've let the enemy play unopposed.

I have people, and I know that Jamie Glazov is going to talk about this, I have people coming to me all the time saying, "Nick, why do you go on CNN?"  "Nick, why do you go on MSNBC?"  And I say, "Because I like going into the lion's den," and they say, "Well, I can't even bear to watch CNN.  I turn the channel immediately."  The only way that we are going to win this fight is if we know what the enemy is thinking and that we realized that there is a passion gap.

The reality is this.  For the last 60 years, the left in this country have wanted to destroy America more than we have wanted to protect it, and until we want it as much as them, until we realize the street fight that it is, we are going to continue to lose.

So, I'm going to leave it at that.  We will speak a little bit more and answer all the questions that you have, but I'm going to pass it on to the inimitable, the individual, the incredible and indescribable Jamie Glazov.

Jamie Glazov: Thank you so much, Nick.  So, my friends, fighting cultural Marxism when we have 8 to 10 minutes, what do we talk about.  So, I'm going to angle it on my book, because what I'm very interested in and what we all have to keep in mind is the deception that the enemy engages.  It's very, very important to know that we are always being deceived, and this is also somewhere where, unfortunately, conservatives are not just, on many levels over the years, fighting culture war and heroes like David have turned that around, but we don't understand the propaganda war very well, either, because we have to get better in that.  But that's what I want to talk a little bit about today in terms of fighting cultural Marxism, that there is a game being played.

In my book, Jihadist Psychopath, I'll just say very quickly for years I studied psychopaths, and I began to see that as I was studying the Islamization of America and of the west, every single tactic that psychopaths use to capture their victims and devour their victims, and we have them as neighbors, we have them at our work.  Some of us have them as our families.  Some of us are psychopaths too, and I know people didn't like reading my book because they saw themselves.  But, I want to just talk about two or three of those themes, because once we understand who psychopaths are, we begin to understand how they operate, and so I just want to spend a little bit of time on that.

There was a series lately, I can't remember exactly the name of it, but it's about the spies in England that were in the MI5 and the government, and one of the spies that worked for the Soviet Union, like, he finally confessed and was talking to one of the people that found him out, the spy was sleeping with the guy's wife, and they did it on purpose.  That's how the KGB worked on all of these levels, and the guy in the government said, "Why?"  And he said, "So, you could not see me straight."  See, they're very, very shrewd.  So, if you sleep with the guy's wife, the guy can't see straight, because he's, you know?  So, there's, there's always, there's always a deception going on.

And, so, let me just begin with this.  There is a certain step-by-step pattern in which psychopaths work, and I hope you guys take a peek at my work, because it's not just the Islamic supremacists that are engaged in this.  My whole life, I've dedicated myself to understanding the left, and why the left is allied with Islam.  Not only is it allied, but because it shares the same goals and it's the same entity, it engages in the same tactics.  Now, I hope I don't offend some people here today, but I can't prevent it from talking in religious terms, because there's Christian, you see a spiritual battle here, and of course, our Jewish brothers and sisters also see a spiritual battle and we share a lot in common in how we see it, but I'll just begin with this.  The psychopath learns best from his master, and that's the serpent.

So, very quickly, I'll just begin, and Dinesh D'Souza has gone great work on this.  When the serpent spoke to Eve, it was very important for the serpent to say this is in your interest, and you need to keep this in mind while we're in this cultural battle, because this is a very key theme of the deception.  This is in your interest to do this, and, but the serpent know that Eve would fall because of that.  I don't have the time today, but I document in every single way where the Islamic supremacists are telling us that this is in your interest, what you need to do, and the left engages in exactly the same thing when it tells us what we need.  During that romance stage, there is very much a we are a lot alike stage.  I know many psychopaths like this.  All my life.  Like, I'd be, you know these people that you hardly know, and all of a sudden they're telling you that you're soul mates and they agree with you and you guys are a lot alike?  Be wary of those people.  And I'm not saying that sometimes it's not true, but the people that you hardly know, and you know something's going on, it's the romance stage.

So, I just want to stress this today.  In terms of the Islamic supremacists stage, romance stage, love Jesus?  We love Jesus.  You respect Jesus?  We respect Jesus too, and that need for deception, that hunger for deception, it's rooted in our DNA somewhere and we have to battle against that.  That's why we're fighting an uphill battle, because I would say a large percentage or maybe most people, Kenneth Levin has documented this in The Oslo Syndrome, dying to be deceived.  One of the fellow travelers during the Soviet Union, he said to the Soviet host, he said, "You deceived us."  And the host said, "But you wanted to be deceived."  And so many Christians are just salivating, oh, they love Jesus, and we like Jesus.  The battle's over.  Everything is okay.  We are a lot alike.  The clever Christian, the brave Christian that doesn't need delusion will say, "Oh, you love Jesus?  Hmm.  Let me ask you something.  Did Jesus die on the cross for our sins?  And is Jesus a member of the Holy Trinity?  Is Jesus the son of God, divine?" and then the Islamic supremacist turns ashen, white, and runs away, or gets angry and starts screaming, but it takes courage to do that.  It takes courage to see the situation for what it is, that that huge battle is not ahead of us.

Switch over to cultural Marxism for a moment.  Saul Alinsky?  What did he teach?  Shave your head.  Get rid of that beard.  Get rid of that messy clothes.  Put on the tie.  Put on the suit.  Barack Obama, by did he learn well.  Hillary Clinton, join the middle class.  You're part of the middle class.  We are a lot alike.  See, I've been, I've spent my life thinking of these things, and I just, that's what I want to talk about today.  Keep in mind there is a constant deception being played on you, so even when you see them, whether they're telling you that they love Jesus, when it's somebody from CAIR, or when you see the person, the tie and the jacket, there's a deception happening there, because you destroy your enemy by pretending that we are a lot alike.  It's a very crucial stage during the psychopathic game.  So, and D'Souza has really done some good work on this, and we know what the Obamas and the Clintons were doing, because they hate the middle class.

There's a reason – hey, look at where they're sending the Sharia populations, the people that love Sharia, they ship them a lot of times into the middle class areas as a punishment, because there's a malice there, but it's all done in the, "We are alike; I've got the suit on" strategy.  So, I just wanted to mention some of these things.  Now, the, "This is in your interest; we are a lot alike" this is all the romance seduction stage, and I document in my book how psychopaths operate and how they seduce, but once they got you, then something else starts, the punch in the face and then all of a sudden they're sulking in the corner.  We all know people like this.  They punch you in the face, and then they've had a really bad day, and then they're pouting in the corner, and the weak people who are already ensnared are apologizing to them.  Okay?

So, No. 1, be careful of this in your personal relationships, and a lot of us get caught up in this web, but open up your eyes.  There is a jihadist attack.  All of a sudden, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper are talking about the Muslim population's really fearing a backlash, and then all of a sudden, all of us are, like, "Oh, we're so sorry for being Islamophobic."  We're apologizing within 3½ minutes of a jihadist attack to the Muslim community.  Where is that stage where the Muslim community is apologizing to us because of Suras 9:5 and 9:29?  So, I'm just reminding you, there's a constant game being played here, and as I studied how psychopaths operate, every single stage, and so there's a victim stage.  The pity card.  The psychopaths always use the pity card.  The left, the cultural Marxists are using that every time.

So, just with maybe 3, 4 minutes left, because it's so hard to sometimes share our main ideas and what we're passionate about, but I will say this.  In terms of the spiritual battle, this is connected to the victim card, Satan is an accuser.  Please remember this.  Satan is an accuser.  Jesus Christ is not an accuser.  Jesus Christ is compassionate and knows that we're sinners and came for our redemption.  Jesus doesn't accuse, but Satan accuses.  Groundless accusations, crucial for psychopaths.

Off the top of my head, I grew up, I could think of one male and one female cheaters on their spouses, in private bragging to me, "Jamie, the key is to come in and accuse and get really angry.  You come in, you get really angry, make accusations.  It works every time" and I'm sort of, like, "Oh, yeah.  Is that what you do?"  But it's very effective.  Psychopaths engage constantly in groundless accusations.  Keep this in mind, and I'll just say this, where Shelby Steele moves me so much, you know, Shelby Steele really influenced my thinking while I was trying to figure this out.  It's very important.  Last night, if you were listening, and if you read his book, The Content of our Character, Shelby Steele talks about how important it is for people to feel innocent.  They want to be innocent, and so that accusation of racist, a lot of the whites in our culture, as Steele documented, they want to be innocent.  "I, I'm not racist.  That's Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller over there.  They hate Muslims.  Not me."

So, keep this in mind as well, that part of that victim card, and Steele documented in terms of white guilt, but it transfers over, now, to the being abused by the unholy alliance and by the Islam and the left that's united in hate, is that there's groundless accusations going on.  And, so, Islamophobe.  Like, for instance, I spend most of my time fighting on behalf of Muslim women and girls that are the victims of female genital mutilation, honor killings.  We talk about acts of **** all the time, the Sayid sisters.  We genuinely love the Muslim people, the Muslim women, Muslim girls that are, that are suffering under Islamic gender apartheid, and we're called Muslim haters.  You see how they work?  It's very, very shrewd, but the key is, is that these groundless accusations about Trump, about everyone, you're a white supremacist, you're a racist, you're a bigot, the key here is keep this in mind.  It's a psychopathic tactic, and many people, what happens is, and Kenneth Levin has documented this in The Oslo Syndrome, many leftist Jews, you embrace the indictment of the accuser.  "I'm the good Jewish person.  I'm going to shed myself of all those ugly Jewish traits.  You're right.  Jews are like that, but I'm the good Jew.  Those are the bad Jews over there," and that's what happened in the Oslo syndrome.

When you embrace the accusation of the accuser, and we're doing that today, and I don't mean we in heroes that are here today, but please keep this in mind, because there's many people in our society, even some of the moderate Muslims that are fighting against jihad and Sharia, but they're not like Robert Spencer.  They're not like Pamela Geller.  You know, it's very interesting, and this is the key here, and, Mark, I think 2, 3 minutes?  I'm still safe?  That wasn't a yes.  So, but what I'll say is, there's also a process going on here of ingratiating yourself with your potential executioner.  This is a very important theme to keep in mind.

When I was down on Third Street Promenade, we would work and try to educate the public about Islam, and a lot of the Muslim girls in hijab would scream at me and yell at me and tell me, "You know nothing.  You're a racist and you're a hate and you're a bigot," and I would take a picture of one of them, because I know what I'm doing.  And, the train is never late; 15 minutes later, the one that was yelling at me the most comes up to me privately, crying, "Can you please delete that picture?  My hair is showing.  My parents back in Saudi Arabia will kill me if they see me like this."  Oh, you just spent 10 minutes screaming at me that I'm a racist and I'm wrong.  No problem.  I'll delete it."  The ingratiating yourself with your potential executioner, they're trying to out radicalize their potential executioner.  The people that hold power over you, be very careful.  When we see all these leftists and Marxists, the brain-dead liberals or the malicious liberals, they know what they're doing, and they're trying to ingratiate themselves with the people they're terrified of.  I have friends in university and they verbally hate me.  I like Trump.  You're bad, you're a terrible person, but they're actually even scared to admit on campus that they even know me, because they'll be devoured by the people that they're trying to defend.

These are just some of the themes I wanted to talk about.  I think I'll just end.  It's just 60 seconds when I speak spiritually here, and as a Christian, I just want to say that there is a spiritual war going on, and at the core of cultural Marxism, at the core of the left, at its main core is what happened in the Garden of Eden and what the serpent tried to tap into, the God complex of humans wanting to be God, instead of realizing that we need to get on our knees and to ask for forgiveness from the father and through, and, and ask for Christ's mercy, the left believes that it will save humanity, and that human blood will redeem the Earth, that they'll kill.  That's why Mao and Stalin, that's why there's so much murder on the left, because they think that they will create their own utopia.  So, there's a God complex there.  There's a rejection of God's order, and they believe that they can be gods.

And, so, I'll just say that I was on a plane recently.  The woman on my left, woman on my right, both watching MSNBC and CNN and talking about Trump, and I remember I just put it on Hannity and honestly, you could actually see them begin to tremble.  Do you know these people?  It's almost like when you bring the holy water out right before you, it just, they're just trembling.  They're trembling.  When you look at Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow ..... oh, my God, they could hardly contain themselves.  Not to come across as a big fanatic or anything, there's something spiritual there, because Trump reminds them that they are not gods.  You can't build a perfect planet, and the left hates that idea.  Keep that in mind, because they're self-appointed redeemers, and they get to choose who is saved and they get to choose who is damned.  And that's David Horowitz, very powerful in his work.  Thank you very much, everybody.

Kurt Schlichter: Okay.  Let me start with a question.  Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition?  Leftists want us dead or enslaved?  Let's see a show of hands for yes.  Okay, I don't see all your hands.  Okay, get woke, people.  Like, the hip kids say, get woke.  Understand what is going on here.  Understand that the left is not our friends.  Understand that they want to hurt us, to harm us, to render us unable to live as sovereign citizens, not, like, crazy, oh, the **** has a fringe sovereign citizens.  I mean, like, Americans who participant in their own governance, who have a say in what's going on, who are able to determine their own future and preserve their own rights.  They don't want that.  They want you to not be citizens.  They want you to be serfs.

Occasionally I get on the Twitter machine, once in a while.  I would suggest you not follow me on Twitter, because I tend to say things that are not nice a lot, but I think we need to do more of that, because I was an infantry officer for a long time, and the first thing you have to understand when you are in a fight, is that you're in a fight.  Okay, we're in a war here.  We talked about culture war, it's a war.  It is a struggle.  The enemy is serious.  Are we serious?  Are we all committed to winning?  Because a lot of our leaders are not.

Let's review some of the ones who are not.  Jeb Bush.  The least woke man on Earth except for Mitt Romney, who is even less woke.  Jeb and Mitt think these people are their friends, and, "We just have some disagreements.  You know, I, I, I'd like to, I'd like to manage our decline in a, in a, in a slower way to the same end."  We'll just take 10 years to turn America into Venezuela instead of 5.  Or what's AOC say?  12.  What are we getting up to, like, 11 years, 11 months now?  We ought to have an AOC countdown to doom clock.  Give up your cheeseburgers or else.  Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

I keep looking at guys like Mitt Romney, and it's just, I just want to take his lunch money.  What a sap.  He really thinks these people are his friends.  This is the only guy on Earth who in, like, 2012, was surprised when he got called a racist.  He's, like, "What, wait, why, why, why is the media being so mean?  I thought they were my friends.  You know?  I just, they're just so mean," and he learns nothing.  The Bushes have learned nothing.  The Never Trumpers have learned nothing, which brings me to Bill Kristol.  Oh, aye, the cruise ship captain.  Takes a perfectly good magazine, kicked the iceberg, sinks.  These people.  I'm a little mad at Bill Kristol.  He called my latest novel, Wildfire, appalling.  So, I'm going to stick that on the top of the next edition.

But these guys, say, this whole conservative incorporated thing, these people back in D.C., whose whole life was being conservative, what the hell did they ever conserve?  Did you notice them conserving anything over the last 30 years?  Did you ever see them step up and fight?  I say this.  I say not another conservative leader who's never been in a fistfight in a bar.  If you haven't kicked somebody's ass or gotten your ass kicked, you got no business trying to lead me or you.  What do you think?

These guys aren't never Trump?  They're always me.  It's all about us.  We want the money.  We want the influence.  We want the power.  Yeah, Bill Kristol, he said when Bush was in office, he used to call up.  Yes, this is Bill Kristol.  Get me the President.  Well, yes, sir, Mr. Kristol.  Today they call the White House it's, like, Bill Kristol.  Kristol.  Not the one from City Slickers.  The one from the Weekly Standard.  Hello?  They don't hate Trump because he's not conservative.  This guy, and honestly, I was a Trump skeptical early on, I was Trump skeptical.  They, they hate Trump, because he derailed their gravy train.  They wanted to get through without fighting this cultural war.  It's unseemly.  I wouldn't want someone calling me racist.  Well, welcome to my world.  I get called it every day.  I look over to my Hispanic wife and go, "Hey, honey.  Did you know I'm a racist?"  She says, "Well, you're a slob.  You're very loud.  You're a passable lover," but no one's ever said that about anybody at the Weekly Standard, I got to tell you.

Oh, I got 2 minutes, which up here translates into 15.  Let me just get to the main weapon system that we have here.  I'm an Army guy, right?  I was a commander.  I commanded at the battalion level.  I was acting commander at brigade.  It's about bringing systems together.  You got your artillery, you got your air, you got your infantry, you got your tanks.  You got all sorts of systems.  What are our systems?  What are our weapons systems that will cause most damage to the enemy?  Well, the first, besides knowing that you're in a fight, is unleashing the power of no.  And you don't have to just say no.  You can say pound sand.  You can say go – you get it.  It's the power of no, because these cultural Marxists have no real power we don't give them.  Okay?  Yeah, and don't raise your hands, because this is on film, and we don't want it out there, but I'm betting some of you have personally owned firearms.